Waratah Lahy

I’m attracted to hidden things: not just things that are well hidden, but things that are more subtly obscured, disguised in plain sight. I like to glean from my everyday observations, taking time to notice the details that prove themselves to be humorous, sly, tricksy and uplifting. The choice of subject can range from a combination of colour, to a chance composition, to an interruption in the normal order of things. I’m taking time to paint moments and places that deserve more than a cursory glance, more than passing attention.

Things are not always what they seem to be. Through simple quirks of colour and composition, everyday scenes of people and places can reveal themselves as dreamlike memories, not quite recognisable but familiar enough that they hover on the edge of being a remembered place and something dredged up from the imagination. Glowing colours saturate the images, distorting a sense of time and place, enticing and beguiling the viewer into a place that they recognise and remember as their own.